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September 2019

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

June marked the second anniversary of our new studio in NYC's West Chelsea gallery district. The large airy space allows for a beautiful showroom displaying hundred of glass églomisé samples with a myriad of treatments. Additionally, the studio shows off realized examples of our work in situ including an églomisé lined glass wall, a kitchen backsplash, 9 ft laminated glass doors and translucent windows.

New Studio Image


In 2012 I began experimenting – combining multiple layers of glass – with each panel receiving a different treatment to create depth, dimension and "two fronts." They were laminated together with remarkable results and opened up a world of new possibilities.

Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass


The laminated sample above was developed for a Manhattan residential project to produce a set of sliding partitions separating two areas of the apartment. Composed of four layers of glass with a 22 karat gold strap-work design, it is viewable from both sides. The photo below left provides an angled perspective showing the various layers of precious metal, reverse painting and reflective textures.

Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass

The installation images below afford views from opposite sides. Clad in bronze frames measuring 9 ft. x 5 ft., the doors truly make a distinctive statement and open up the space in a unique way. The technique produces both translucency and depth, creating a new level of complexity and sophistication.

Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass


In this Master Bath, medicine cabinet doors and a privacy window screen were fashioned for different purposes. The doors below were composed of three layers integrating a botanical border, inset framing bands and vertical strié. Looking through these elements, which seem to float on top, the third layer is a solid palladium leaf églomisé mirror. When open, the mirror is visible from the back side.

Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass
Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass

On the opposite end of the bathroom, a tub sits below an exterior window. It can be seen reflecting in the cabinet door images above. Echoing the doors, a laminated églomisé panel was installed within a metal framework built in front of the existing window.

Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass

Three layers of glass were employed, but here, rather than making the third "back" panel completely opaque, it was acid etched to provide privacy while allowing natural light to enter the space. It's an excellent solution to obscure an undesirable view and create an unusual focal point.


Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass

Finally, exterior doors composed of five pieces of glass were fabricated for the entrance of a west coast residence. The 22K gold strap-work pattern and translucent strié are viewable from both sides. The doors provide privacy, while still allowing light to pass through, as well as the surrounding sidelight walls, which were composed of three pieces of glass receiving only the complementing gold vertical strié. Above, one panel rests on a cart post lamination.

Miriam Ellner Laminated Verre Eglomise Glass

When combined with verre églomisé, lamination with multiple layers presents a completely new range of possibilities. Whether using two pieces of glass or five, I am amazed by the tremendous depth that can be achieved, and excited by the possibilities for residential and commercial interior projects. From beauty for beauty's sake, to problem solving, églomisé is breathtaking and versatile.

I cordially invite you and your clients to visit our new studio showroom and to view projects currently in progress. Give us a call to set an appointment at your convenience.

Hope to see you soon!


Presented projects in collaboration with:
Ingrao Inc. – Interior Sliding Partitions
Buzz Kelly Interiors – Master Bath Cabinet and Window Screen
David Phoenix Interior Design – Exterior Entrance Doors

MIRIAM ELLNER - Design • Eglomisé

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